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In the city of Astana on June 9, the International Specialized Exhibition “Expo-2017: Future Energy” was launched. It is worth noting that “Expo” is a symbol of the development of industrialization and an open platform for demonstrating the technical and technological achievements of mankind.

Our country also presented its achievements at the Expo-2017: such as  prospects for the development of alternative energy, where Uzbekistan has a huge potential, high achievements of electronic, transport, tourism and, of course, the automotive industry.

Pavilion of Uzbekistan with a total area of ​​1354 square meters, located on two floors, already managed to attract the attention of the world public. The first floor is devoted to innovative technologies and developments in the country’s energy sector. The second demonstrates the tourist potential and cultural wealth of Uzbekistan. At “Expo-2017” three models of cars working on alternative energy sources are presented.


The focus of special attention of the pavilion of Uzbekistan can safely be referred to the exposition of eco-cars of Uzbek design and robots designed by students of the Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent.

The first exhibit is the concept of an electric vehicle with solar panels on the roof. The second car is a test model that operates on hydrogen based on the Matiz car. The second car is a test model that operates on hydrogen based on the Matiz car. An unprecedented difference of this car from other world analogues is high safety due to the lack of a hydrogen storage tank. As a result of this type of engine, water is released from the exhaust system.

Another domestic development in the automotive sphere is – electro carting. This is an experimental platform on which various variants of interaction of storage batteries, power electric motors and all electronic systems of vehicle facilities are worked out. This model has a top speed of up to 110 km / h, a power reserve of 30 km and accelerates to 100 km / h in 6 seconds.

In the section “Youth – the energy of the future” a line of robots developed by Uzbek students is presented. The work of students provides an excellent opportunity to show the intellectual, creative and design abilities of children, and contribute to the promotion of original technical solutions and inventive ideas among young people.

Among the presented types of robots: robot sorter (sorts by color by temperature, by volume and type of material: wood, plastic, iron); The robot that collects Rubik’s Cube (sorts colors and uses the fastest way to solve the task when using the program C); Robot Sumo (participates in battles – robots); Robot-guide, whose main task is to conduct interactive excursions at exhibitions and museums, and many others.

In addition, JSC UZAVTOSANOAT organized plying of 4 city low-floor buses MAN CNG (A22) produced in Uzbekistan, with an engine operating on LNG, which allows to fully demonstrate the country’s production potential within the framework of the main theme of Expo-2017 – Future Energy.

“Expo-2017” in Astana will last until September 10 this year.

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